The Colloquium Words in REvolution will take place on the 2nd March 2020 at the Department of Languages and Cultures of the University of Aveiro in Portugal and has as main purpose the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and research conducted in the fields of Translation and Terminology. In particular, the event intends to foster the debate on the latest (r)evolutions in Didactics of Translation, the Translation Profession, Literary Translation, Technical Translation and Media Translation, put forth by the digital revolution.

Call for papers is open to all professionals and researchers interested in these scientific areas and may address, among other relevant aspects, the following topic strands:

  • the challenges Translation and Terminology face as a result of the ongoing diversified changes that characterize the beginning of the 21st Century ;
  • pedagogical training of future professionals and the interface between academia and the labor market;
  • the new competences of translators (and the relationship with other tasks, such as editing);
  • the connection between Translation and Terminology and new digital technologies;
  • editorial challenges (such as print to sell);
  • legal aspects of the recent copyright law;
  • project management.

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